Go to Hell

by John George Jones
Triple Six
Crash Issue 19, Aug 1985   page(s) 45

Producer: Triple Six Software
Memory Required: 48K
Retail Price: £6.99
Language: Machine code
Author: J. Jones(!)

Your fate, in this game, seems to have arisen by the unfortunate use of the phrase 'Go to Hell'. You must have cursed someone, a person near and dear to you, with the result that they actually went to Hell. Now you must follow, and rescue them.

The game takes the form of a complex maze. The walls are 'built' from such strange graphics that one can get lost following the same wall from screen to screen. To rescue the person you cursed you must scour the maze looking for seven crosses; only a complete collection allows you to escape. The search for the crosses is hazardous, riot least because contact with the walls and all stationary objects rapidly drains the life force from you, and once drained you will have to re-start from the beginning.

Your energy will also be depleted when you are hit by one of the wide variety of gruesome objects being hurled at you by an even larger collection of gruesome creatures anything from large hairy spiders to mad headless monks. Your only defence against these creatures is a well aimed mini-cross, and a direct hit will replenish your energy a touch. In this nightmare world you will be distracted by the horrible events taking place around you; heads being crushed, victims on the racks, heads being sawn through and masses of other equally revolting scenes.


Control keys: Q/A up/down, O/P left/right, M to fire
Joystick: cursor, Interface II and Kempston
Keyboard play: fine
Use of colour: varied, lots of attribute problems
Graphics: novel, fairly well drawn
Sound: lots of chewing and sniffing sounds
Skill levels: one.
Lives: three
Screens: over fifty

I managed to steal a glance at the press release that came with this game and read that we would find it hard to do this game justice. That may be so but when all is said and done it is a maze game: a fairly well drawn maze game; a complex maze game and a maze game that often requires a high degree of control skill. It is still only a maze game, and one that is full of revolting, crude and downright vile images. Now I am going to give Triple Six (whoever) the benefit of the doubt and assume that my reaction was exactly as they had hoped for... let' s see if they are right and maybe they can sell lots of games to punters who only want to buy it because it's so horrid. But - to do the game justice - if you really want a maze game that's full of lots of silly, nasty pictures then buy this one.

After looking at the subtle cover I was expecting a game that would reflect the same. Wrong. With lots of nasties and all sorts of things that one might expect to go on in Hell. Go to Hell's graphics are above average except that the main man is pretty poorly animated. This is a playable game but not at all addictive.

This is certainly a very unusual game, full of very strange graphics. Movement round the maze is very hard, not because of the other things throwing objects at you - it's the nearness of the maze walls that make for the difficulty. Frequently there is exactly enough room to fit your character through, one slip and you're as good as dead. All in all it's an annoying game to play.

Use of Computer: 62%
Graphics: 72%
Playability: 65%
Getting Started: 69%
Addictive Qualities: 72%
Value for Money: 74%
Overall: 70%

Summary: General Rating: A bit sick, otherwise above average.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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