Full Throttle 2

by Michael Batty
Zeppelin Games Ltd
Crash Issue 86, Mar 1991   page(s) 54

Zeppelin Games

Seven years after the original Full Throttle comes its sequel, cunningly titled Full Throttle 2! You take control of a rotary-engined 750cc Superbike and have eight international circuits to spin around in the Riders' Challenge.

Sadly, the original game was a tad more playable than this. Of course, Full Throttle 2 is graphically superior, with it's colour scrolling backgrounds and title screens, but when you scrape another bike you go right down to zero mph before you can start off again. Hurumph!

You have to come 30th out of forty on the first track, 20th on the second and so on. I found this almost impossible and could only stand playing a few games before I was kicking Mark Caswell in rage (any excuse, eh Nick?! - Ed)?

But, no matter how well you play, the other riders always seem to do better. They never fall off and can ride straight through you from behind! Full Throttle 2 is an average bike simulation, and no better than the first.

Overall: 40%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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