Dirt Track Racer

by CAT, Michael A. Sanderson, Moose
Zeppelin Games Ltd
Crash Issue 90, Jul 1991   page(s) 43

Zeppelin Games

Take part in one the most exciting motor spoils in the world in Dirt Track Racer. You and your All Terrain Vehicle have been selected for pole position at the sled of a gruelling five course race, and have to stay there if you're to win the cup.

The five stages are village, forest, many, cross country and then back to the village at night. Each is shown from above, as if you were watching the action from a helicopter. To get to the end of a stage all you need do is follow the arrows that have been placed at each junction. This sounds totally simple but if you miss a junction (which is easy to do) you can have terrible trouble getting back on course.

ATVs are built to withstand the battering they get on courses like the ones in this game but add-ons are always welcome to improve their performance. During each race credits can be collected from the track which can then be spent at the discount warehouse. Things like new tyres, turbo chargers, power steering and infra-red devices will all help to get you to the finish.

Dirt Track Racer doesn't capture the atmosphere of the real sped at all. The tiny graphics are pleasant enough and make a good racing game but it looks more like Scalextric than dirt tracking. There's entertainment there, but it's not hooking enough to make it an addictive game.

Overall: 48%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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