by Ben Daglish, Costa Panayi
Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Crash Issue 47, Dec 1987   page(s) 123

Producer: Gremlin Graphics
Retail Price: £7.99
Author: Costa Panayi

Laser beams can be funny things, especially in the world of the Deflektor.

Here the powerful light source is used to destroy energy blobs. But the direct routes to these packets of points are often obstructed by solid walls and blocks. To direct the beam around these and onto the blobs, a directing block can be moved about the screen.

The angle of rotatable mirrors can be altered to transfer the beam to other mirrors and finally to the energy blobs themselves.

But nebulous gremlins are intent upon tinkering with the mirrors and thus throwing off course your carefully-directed beam. These mischievous creatures can be removed with your beam.

There are other dangers. If the laser crosses, or rebounds upon itself, a dangerous overload can be set up. And scattered mines can be detonated if they're in contact too long with the laser energy.

The laser beam's energy is reduced by frequent movement, but you' ll have to remove all the energy blobs from a level to leave it. Then the laser must be directed onto another generator; when contact is made the next level appears with a fresh configuration of mirrors, bombs and energy blobs.

There's a Deflektor competition on page 96 of this CRASH.


Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: clear enough to show the puzzle
Sound: spot effects
Options: practice mode; demo

Deflektor will no doubt be compared to Virgin Games's Rebel (Issue 44), though the reflection idea is taken much further here. I've always liked puzzle games such as Think! and Pi-R Squared; and Deflektor is one of the most absorbing ones I've seen in a while. It's really infuriating - and that's what makes it so fiendishly addictive. As the time ticks down, the sweat builds up. Deflektor is simple but cleverly effective.
PAUL [83%]

Deflektor is quite entertaining at first, but I found it less addictive than most did. The graphics are very good, though.
MIKE [70%]

Deflektor is a problem-solving game for those with steady of thought - there's no rush and no panic (at least, not till the wobbly egg appears...), you've just got to work your mind around the screen. But don't think it's going to be easy. Hardened geniuses may find this a bit domestic at first, but it's very addictive.
BYM [79%]

Presentation: 77%
Graphics: 73%
Playability: 85%
Addictive Qualities: 83%
Overall: 77%

Summary: General Rating: Everything that makes a great puzzle game.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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