Crazy Cars II

by Gil Espeche, Grabuge, Philippe Pamart
Crash Issue 66, Jul 1989   page(s) 25


I've never actually had experience of driving a Ferrari F40, Titus. If you want me to say how realistic Crazy Cars II's, I'm afraid you'll just have to give me brand new one. White, please. No? Oh well, it was worth trying.

Crazy Cars II places you behind the wheel of an extremely fast Ferrari (300 mph max), and puts you on the US highways where a gang of car thieves must be caught and brought to justice.

Naturally, it's not just a matter of zooming down lots of nice straight empty roads. There's lots of twisty-turny bits and millions of not-very-happy policemen who aren't too keen on you driving a Ferrari around at top speed. The fuzz tend to pull in front of you and slow you down - stop and you're in the clink. Road blocks also tend to slow the car down (by blowing it up), so it's best to avoid them with some slick steering.

As well as speed and gear indicators (why are we only allowed two gears?), the car has a radar indicator which shows how far away the cops are. There's also a rev counter, score counter and a bonus counter which decreases as time rushes by...

Crazy Cars II is immensely playable, however the graphics let the rest of the game down. They are unvaried and the road can become quite monotonous. Overall, a reasonable buy - with more content it coulda been a contender.


If you thought WEC Le Mans was good, but limited with just one track, you should take a peek at Crazy Cars II! Smooth-scrolling landscapes, road blocks, police cars and tour states of the USA in which to rev it up. Wowee! Both cars are excellently drawn and animated, with an amazing feeling as you speed past roadblocks and bounce over hills. Although it doesn't affect the playability, it's a pity that every route and state are the same two colours. However, the variation of routes from one point to another is a great idea. Each time you play you could go a different way, thus having almost unlimited variety. Crazy Cars II is an excellent game for all lovers of Out Run, WEC Le Mans and other super-speeding car driving simulations.

Presentation: 81%
Graphics: 78%
Sound: 49%
Playability: 84%
Addictive Qualities: 80%
Overall: 79%

Summary: A real ride for tough and trendy streetwise dudes.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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