Kwik Snax

by Chris Graham, Lyndon Sharp
Code Masters Ltd
Crash Issue 83, Dec 1990   page(s) 68

Code Masters

The evil Wizard Zaks has thrown all Dizzy's mates, the yolk folk, in separate prisons on islands to suit their personalities! Denzil went to Cloud Land as he always seemed to have his head up in them, Dylan went to Ice Land for being so cool, Grand Dizzy to Cuckoo Land because he's a bit senile and sweet Daisy was put in the dungeon! Zaks knew Dizzy would attempt to rescue her. You now have the task of rescuing each of your mates.

The game's played Pengo-style: you push blocks around the screen, crushing nasties if they get in the way and collecting the fruit and other objects you find. Bonus extras can be found and do weird and wonderful things to each screen's layout. Once a screen is completed you go onto the bonus section which has to be done in a set time limit.

Graphics consist of colourful animated sprites. The presentation is outstanding: 128K owners are treated to full colour screens as an introduction, and the hilarious Dizzy Mob band play a tune on the title screen! It's great stuff!

Kwik Snax is addictive beyond belief. Once you start playing you just won't be able to stop, and why should you when it's as good as this? 100% pure CodeMasters fun and frolics - cannot be missed.

Overall: 92%

Award: Crash Smash

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Your Sinclair Issue 62, Feb 1991   page(s) 52

RICH PELLEY and JON PILLAR - as nice of couple of young chaps as you could ever hope to meet. So we locked them up in the...


Reviewer: Rich Pelley

Evil Wizard Zaks has cast a nasty well (the scamp) which has sent four members of Dizzy's family to four separate islands in the land of Personality. You, as Mr Egg-head himself, have to go and rescue them all.

Each island is divided into five separate screens, each with a different theme (ice, clouds, Teddy bears and a castle) - you have to walk around each one and collect all the fruit to get onto the next, avoiding baddies or alternatively pushing the blocks of the 'maze' to get in their way. Bonuses can be collected of course - some good (kill all baddies, extra score etc), and some bad (reverse controls - a bummer, and something which makes you really slow), and also a bonus screen every screen, where you can collect even more fruit (for score).

And that about the size of it. A completely different turnip than the other Dizzy games, but still just as good - if not more so 'cos it's just so spookily addictive. It's really nicely presented too - with colourful graphics and everything. It's ace. In fact I like it so much, I'm not even going to give my copy back! (Oi! Ed)

Overall: 92%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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